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Pond Information

Pond Aeration is critical to pond health and beauty
Aeration is vital to an environmentally friendly pond. It will reduce or eliminate algae by getting rid of the nutrients that feed the algae. Not to mention that aeration can also improve the look and overall health of your pond. Introducing oxygen will improve water quality by getting right to the source of the problem.
Streams are no longer allowed to flow into ponds!
Potentially harmful runoff is the main reason that streams are no longer allowed to flow into ponds. They pick up fertilizers and other things especially close to farmland when raining in the spring runoff.
The best dye for rural ponds
Finding the right pool dye at the right price has been a challenge over the years. Here's my suggestion after trying several...
Pond Information for the Ontario Homeowner
Ever since my days as a child I remember pictures of children swinging on a rope from a tree and landing in a pond or river. Water is a great attractor and has become exceedingly important when buying country property! It is one thing that we have plenty of in the Caledon Hills and surrounding area.