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The best dye for rural ponds

If you're looking for a real good pond dye, try out True Blue ez-SoluPak.

There are six paks in a box. Throw one in and twenty minutes your pond will be dark blue. The plastic bag the dye is in is also water soluble. They recommend 1 bag per acre-foot or about 325,000 gallons, but in any case when you put it in make sure that the water is dark enough to stop the ultra violet rays from going into the water.

Protect Clothing!

Don't wear any good clothing when you throw it into the water!

I find the cleanest method is to open the container at one end, pinch the bag holding the bag of dye at the same time and just as you throw the whole thing out release just your grip so that the bag of dye sails out into the pond and you are still holding onto the outside white plastic container. Put it immediately into a zip lock bag for disposal. It is really a strong dispersant dye, if you make a mistake you could be washing blue dye out of your hair for up to three days.