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May 2013 Market Opinion

For many, many years, the traditional increase in the spring real estate market started in March, with a steady increase until about late May. A dip in June -- as children were getting out of school -- begins a period of slower summer sales (except in the cottage areas). One could then expect another increase in late September until sales slow in November, as the holiday season approaches.

The sales for the year essentially break out into two bell curves, with the first bell curve representing total unit sales was 2 to 3 times bigger than the second curve. The big selling season was and still is the spring.

That said, for the last four to five years the curves have somewhat flattened out, until this year. This year we're seeing the same surges we used to see!  


Because people have been sitting at their computers in their shirt sleeves, with two feet of snow outside and 20 below temperatures, and they were surfing through the MLS system looking at summer pictures of properties for sale and trying to find which ones’ they would be interested in. They want to be ready to beat their buying competition and started looking in late January. That activity has resulted in sales peaking in February, now the best month in the last few years! This year has started up slowly due to a really cold winter and moral suasion by the feds. I don’t know which factor was worse, but I do have an opinion! There are some really marvellous listings coming to the market soon, I mean, really outstanding and you will only find them here, and not on MLS. You might want to stay tuned!