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Pond Aeration is critical to pond health and beauty

Pond Aeration is vital to an environmentally friendly pond. It will reduce or eliminate algae by getting rid of the nutrients that feed the algae. Not to mention that aeration can also improve the look and overall health of your pond. Introducing oxygen will improve water quality by getting right to the source of the problem.

Yes you can still use methods such as muck-reducing bacteria, herbicides, water clarifiers, and dyes (my recommended dye is here), but there is no replacing aeration, especially bottom-based aeration in larger, deeper ponds. Because aeration increases the available oxygen, it prevents inadvertent killing of fish, decreases muck accumulation and reduces blooming of algae.

Example: A pond that measures on the surface 160 feet by 90 feet by 18 feet deep contains approximately 2 Milloin gallons of water! That's a lot of water! Aeration is necessary -- and can be very pleasing to the eye. The real question is whether or not the water is being fully oxygenated? OK what do I mean? There are two opinions about the effectiveness of the two main types of aerators, the ones that have a spray that looks similar to a mushroom on the surface of the water, or the "bubbler" that sends a stream of bubbles from the bottom of the pond to the surface of the water.

My Personal Experience

I opted to change in our second pond to the bubbler. I felt that only the top two or so feet of the pond was being affected by the floating sprayer and the water was warming up too quickly on the surface. The bubbler on the other hand was bringing the water up from the bottom where it would affect all the water in the pond in a circular motion and keep the pond cooler all summer long because the cold water was at the bottom of the pond and therefore it increased the aeration. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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